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Greenhouse Gaia 960 - Turn Key Project

AGL, Provides a full solution to agricultural projects,
that can be tailor made to provide a satisfactory product
for any special requirement

Technical Information‬

Design Center

- Custom made project
- Innovative engineering solution for any costumer need
- Talented and highly-qualified team with decades of experience
- Latest design technologies

Research & Development Dep.

- Developing all products in house
- Applying latest material and technologies to deliver best product quality-price 
- Working shoulder to shoulder with our partners and suppliers, to insure our products follow our principals 
- Follow up, analysis and improvement of all products in our Manufacturing Center, partners & suppliers

Manufacturing Center

- High capacity manufacturing center
- Advance scheduling system to provide quick delivery
- Process insurance to guaranty stable products & quality
- Lean manufacturing production system to achieve best quality-price
- Environmentally friendly manufacturing production system
- Constant process improvement powered by R&D Dep.

Consultancy Service

- AGL, Provides Consultancy services in Agricultural & Industrial projects 

Technological Solutions Haneul 960 02

Extra Strength Ground profile, with optimized nerved profile to give a Strong Base in the foundation to the Greenhouse, and be the basic element in the lifting system on the Greenhouse.
The structure of the Greenhouse, its been engineered to achieve the maximum structural output, easy assembly with top quality materials:
- Column, Rectangular 80x50
- Arch and Corridor, Oval 60x40
- Box, Diagonal & Side Reinforcement both adjustable, Round 48
- Purlin, Top rectangular 60x60, Bottom 50x50
We offer a Steel structure of High quality electro-galvanized steel 
from 180 g/m2 up to 275g/m2. 
Also Hot deep Galvanize(HDG) Steel structure for high requirement environments.
Extra coating
Extra White powder coating of 70microns, is apply on top of the basic coating. 
White color reduce the heat absorption and Keeps cooler the whole Greenhouse structure, decreasing significantly the heat inside the Greenhouse, and saving more than 
25% in extra cooling systems.

Technological Solutions Haneul 960 04

Special gutter geometry design ANTI LEAKAGE

Technological Solutions Haneul 960 06

End gutter funnel 
Innovative engineered geometry / HCF High capacity water Funnel it's engineered to collect and canalize high flow of water, during heavy rain.

Technological Solutions Haneul 960 08

Vent opening window 
Vent opening, specially design to achieve optimal ventilation inside the Greenhouse.

Technological Solutions Haneul 960 10

Commercial parts
We work shoulder to shoulder with our suppliers of commercial parts, to develop & engineer high quality products.

Technological Solutions Haneul 960 12

High quality fastener DACROMET treatment and high quality Zn coated are use to ensure 
high performance, much higher than standard zinc coated fasteners.

Technological Solutions Haneul 960 14

Lifting system 
Fast, Easy & Safe assembly. Excellent Saving time and assembly labour cost.

Technological Solutions Haneul 960 16

Box Reinforcement 
Our design is a combination of strong round pipes with reinforced brackets, to achieve a high strength and resilience box, with a final result of more Robust Greenhouse structure. 
Reinforcement extendible pipes its been design to adjust to any slope condition, keeping evenly distributed the forces in the Greenhouse.

Technological Solutions Haneul 960 18

Brackets and connections
Rigorous detail engineering & design is been done for each bracket and connection part in order to achieve, the maximum strength & easier assembly in each connection point.
Intense analysis in the assembly process its been done by AGL team to insure the maximum Interchangeable, parts as possible, and standard so can be use in different parts, reducing stocks, and making easier logistics.

Technological Solutions Haneul 960 20

Robust Greenhouse structure
Is the fruit of deep structural analysis, innovative design and top quality materials to result in a high strength Greenhouse, fast and easy to assemble

Technological Solutions Haneul 960 22

Strong connection to GH frame.

Technological Solutions Haneul 960 24

Easy assembly.

Technological Solutions Haneul 960 26

The Trellising structure is designed to carry weights up to 30 to 35 kg/m2 which 
can be use for most commercial crops.

Technological Solutions Haneul 960 28

Strong structure & anchorage  of Square pipe of 60x60
Hold to Greenhouse by special design brackets, that assure and easy installation 
and adjustment. 
Once installation is complete the Trellising system integrates perfectly on the Greenhouse, becoming a compact system.

Technological Solutions Haneul 960 30

Main Features
- Lower Cost heating/cooling system by 20 – 70%.
- DAY TIME, will reduce the cooling system cost and create a control environment, improving the growing conditions.
- NIGHT TIME, will hold heat and reduce air condensation.
- Stabilizes the climate in your greenhouse.
- Reduces chances on fungal diseases.
- Black out screens up to 99.9% opaque can be used for changing day length.
- Modular screen system, easy & fast assembling.
- Manual or automatic controlled.

Technological Solutions Haneul 960 32

Movable Vent
What is the movable vent
It’s a Climate control system to keep heat inside the Greenhouses, by closing the top vent of the Greenhouse full or partially.
AGL Movable vent, its a modular pre-assembled system with fast and easy installation, adjustable to slopes up to 5%

How to Operate the Movable Vent 
The system is design to be operated Semi-Automatic, or  with CCS (computerized centralized system), with allows to open/close the vent with a range from 0% to 100%; Can operate the whole Greenhouse together, or independently by Bay by Bay depending of the need.

How Can be Installed
AGL Movable vent,  its can be assembled in any of our standard greenhouse, Either new or already install. Our clients can upgrade the greenhouse anytime easily.

Technological Solutions Haneul 960 34

AGL Movable vent, is a polycarbonate base material , specially design to allow maximum light transmission to the inside of the Greenhouse.
Multilayer wall polycarbonate profile, with special inner reinforcement, can hold in close position, strong winds due to the overlapping of the flaps and whole frame support
Aerodynamic geometry design on the flap, maximizes the net intake air flow area and minimize the wind drag, on the Movable vent in strong winds
Special engineering design, on the movable vent allows a perfect integration of the system on the Greenhouse structure. Becoming a stronger structure all together,once installed.

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